Home THX

Lucasfilm developed a high-end home version of its THX sound system popularized in move theaters. Although its initial target market was an elite group of technology early adopters and home theater enthusiasts, the challenge was to introduce Home THX through a compelling, unique presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Our strategy was to offer exclusive television and print interviews with the media-shy George Lucas in advance of CES to build enthusiasm and excitement for Home THX – then rise above the clutter of CES and create media buzz and extensive coverage by staging invitation-only Home THX demonstrations in an off-site mock home theater.Home THX received rave reviews and was positioned as one of the best home products at CES and THE home theater sound system. Extensive overage was garnered across a variety of media, including Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, major daily newspapers and technology, entertainment and sound/theater/music enthusiast publications. Sales goals were met of exceeded because of the strong sell-in through the media and presence at CES.

Mara was instrumental in launching our home THX product into the marketplace. She comes up with creative solutions to challenging problems and always goes the extra mile to provide service to her clients. She is a strategic thinker and consummate professional.

- Lynne Hale, Head of Global Publicity, Lucasfilm LTD.