Mountain Dew

Pepsi wanted to reinvigorate its Mountain Dew brand to target a young, X-sports identified market. We developed the Northern California public relations campaign to reposition the brand and reinforce the "Get Vertical" national advertising tag line. Before the "sport" peaked, we created a velcro wall jumping promotion that traveled to supermarket parking lots (point of purchase) and college campuses, actively engaging consumers and garnering over an hour of TV coverage alone. Northern California sales exceeded all other regions nationwide; the promotion was repeated eight months later with equal success.

Crystal Clear Cola

Embarcadero Center Ice Rink

Embarcadero Center Ice Rink

Pepsi wanted a strategy for a pre-launch, pre-advertising promotion of Crystal clear cola brand, so we recommended creating a holiday season co-promotion with San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center to generate positive product awareness and demand prior to Crystal’s Super Bowl ad launch and supermarket availability. The promotion a featured free ice skating rink that served a 60-mile radius and featured first-time vending machine placement in the upscale Embarcadero Center office/retail complex (daily passersby totaled 25,000) to fulfill product demand. The promotion resulted in brand momentum that led to Crystal sales in Northern California far surpassing all other markets. The ice rink has become an annual holiday season attraction for Embarcadero Center to help boost holiday retail sales.

Mara created highly unusual, creative promotions for Pepsi that not only garnered outstanding media results but drove sales through the roof.

- David Vargas, Former Area General Manager, Northern California, Pepsi