When tackling a challenge for the San Francisco Partnership, Mara developed a strategic vision and executed it in a highly proficient manner. She is able to work collaboratively with CEOs at many of San Francisco's major companies. Mara has earned the respect, confidence and admiration of San Francisco's top CEOs and elected officials.

— Donald Fisher, Former Chairman and Founder, GAP INC.

Brazer Communications did a wonderful job in communicating the strengths of our firm and helped us earn positive coverage from top-tier media.  They were also able to correct erroneous reporting in articles where the reporter neither obtained our input nor fact-checked, and were very successful in “setting the record straight.”  Mara gets into detailed facts and nuances and has the respect of the major media outlets.  She is an advisor I can count on.

— James Wei, General Partner, Worldview Technology Partners

Mara was engaged to provide communication counsel to United Way of the Bay Area just when an “outsider’s” perspective was particularly valuable.  Her strategic guidance and hands-on approach were extremely effective. She worked closely with our executive team and PR director to develop our communications strategy and adapt messages for a wide variety of internal and external audiences. Like all great communications pros, she has an innate sense of the right thing to do and just the right way to express it.

— Anne Wilson, CEO, United Way of the Bay Area

I have known Mara over twenty years and used her firm myriad times--both in my role as Senior Vice Chancellor at the University of California, San Francisco and, most  recently, as Founding CEO of the Gladstone Foundation.  Many purport to have inherent expertise in public relations and crisis management, but none can deliver like Mara and her support staff.  Words/terms that come to mind are: facile, astute, creative, a quick study, engaging and comprehensive.  Mara and her firm are masterful in quickly reading the lay of the land in complex environments, with nuanced issues and demanding leadership.

— Bruce Spaulding, Retired Senior Vice Chancellor, University of California, San Francisco

Mara Brazer and her team have delivered results that matter for SightLife!  From fantastic media recognition to insightful strategic direction each member of the Brazer team has exceeded our expectations.

— Monty M. Montoya, President and CEO, SightLife

I have worked with Brazer Communications for several years and what most impressed me was the Brazer Team’s ability to quickly understand our business and become an integral part of our organization.  I can rely on them to provide the highest level of service for a broad range of marketing communications needs that reflect the unique nature of our business and to fulfill the needs of any department in our organization.

— Rusty Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, SightLife

Mara was instrumental in launching our home THX product into the marketplace. She comes up with creative solutions to challenging problems and always goes the extra mile to provide service to her clients. She is a strategic thinker and consummate professional.

— Lynne Hale, Head of Global Publicity, Lucasfilm LTD.

Brazer Communications put our firm on the national map through a carefully crafted publicity campaign around our most ambitious real estate project to-date.

— Victor MacFarlane, Managing Principal, MacFarlane Partners

With Brazer Communications you get focused attention from senior-level, top-notch professionals, without the overhead and hierarchies found in large agencies. The team is very results focused, and delivers cost-effectively and quickly. They are the ideal combination of professionals with large agency experience operating in a boutique setting.

— Alison Davis, Managing Partner, Fifth Era Investments

Many public relations firms provide off-the-shelf solutions and a series of predictable tactics, but Brazer Communications looks at the particular needs of their clients – starting with listening carefully, then determining best possible results and ultimately executing precise, strategic means to exceed expectations. Because Brazer Communications offers deeply experienced professionals, I always felt that we got high value for the investment we made.

— John Pachtner, Former Director of Communications, Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison

As a new model for primary care, we hired Brazer to help us get in front of our target audience with the right messages that would accurately tell our story and inspire people to join One Medical Group, especially in New York.  Over the years we worked with them, Brazer secured positive coverage in major online and print media, beginning with a feature in The New York Times that became the most emailed story for a week after it was published.  In the 12 months that followed, Brazer generated 100 million media impressions for One Medical.

— Sarah Israel, Former Vice President of Marketing and Real Estate, One Medical Group

Mara created highly unusual, creative promotions for Pepsi that not only garnered outstanding media results but drove sales through the roof.

— David Vargas, Former Area General Manager, Northern California, Pepsi

Mara quickly sizes up a business situation and has outstanding problem-solving skills. As a partner, she helps organizations aim high, create a vision beyond the ordinary and deliver superior results.

— Dave Pottruck, Former CEO, Charles Schwab

We hired Mara and her team to help launch a new professional hockey team into the marketplace where there was already a lot of entrenched competition and little familiarity with our sport – either in the media or the market. Partnering with us as a virtual in-house team, they understood our business challenges and quickly helped us earn credibility as an established enterprise with sports enthusiasts, Northern California sub-communities, local and national media. Mara and her team were unquestionably critical to the early commercial and popular success of the San Jose Sharks.

— Matt Levine, Former Executive Vice President Marketing and Broadcasting, San Jose Sharks

I greatly valued my experience with Brazer Communications. Of the PR firms I've had the opportunity to work with over the years, Brazer was the most committed, agile, determined, and successful. They took a challenging product and were able to translate its significance to the press in a way that was newsworthy -- not an easy task. I'm proud to have worked with them.

— Erik Leung, Former Creative Director, OneShare.com

Good communication starts with listening. Mara listens really well. Then she and her team have that unique ability to translate your story into what your target needs to hear. One of the highest ROI investments we made in starting TCHO was hiring Brazer Communications to do our communications.

— Louis Rossetto, Former CEO, TCHO chocolate and co-founder of Wired magazine

Brazer Communications combines a keen understanding of health care with an excellent track record in public relations, branding, positioning and creative strategy. They are smart and have the ability to work with—and please—an array of personalities, from executives to junior staff, and they produce exceptional results.

— Barbara French, Strategic Communications & University Relations, University of California, San Francisco

We launched – and then pivoted and re-launched Keas -- and each time Brazer recommended and executed a winning strategy to get us the highest visibility with our target audiences and with analysts and investors. The persuasive messages they developed and their ability to work with top-tier media landed us at the front of the pack of our competitors.

— George Kassabgi, Former CEO and co-founder, Keas

Successfully launching a world-class work of public art requires more than mastery of permitting processes, technical know-how and fundraising acumen. To achieve an exalted place of global recognition and international resonance, messaging and media strategies must be carefully crafted, tightly controlled, and expertly executed. The Bay Lights--which has enjoyed uniformly positive press and garnered nearly a billion media impressions worldwide--owes a debt of gratitude to the team at Brazer Communications. Their seasoned leadership was key in helping the beloved artwork become a breakout success.

— Ben Davis, Founder and CEO, Illuminate the Arts